Welcome to Nashville Ketamine Center

We are always searching.  We are always searching for answers.  Answers to explain why today it might feel harder to feel joy.  Why today we might feel empty inside.  We are always searching for ways to make life into what we were told it would be, and into what we desire it to become.  We are always searching to heal.  We are always searching for hope.

I am on a search as well.  Depression and trauma can cause devastating effects in an individual’s life that can ripple throughout all aspects of life; occupational, social, familial. For years, psychiatrists have been treating individuals experiencing issues like  depression and trauma with many of the same medications and modalities that we have been using for decades.  To be fair, many of those medications and modalities effectively relieve the suffering of the majority, but this is not the case for everyone.  I am passionate about helping those in need and those who suffer.

The nature of searching necessitates the trying of new medications and new modalities for our patients.  I first heard about ketamine and its rapid effect on the symptoms of depression years ago. For me, the gravity of the large and growing body of literature and research supporting its beneficial effects, its approximate 70% response rate, and its rapid onset of symptom relief have become too strong to ignore.  I have found it time to rethink the way that we not only provide treatment, but also the ways in which we have not.  As a result, I am now offering ketamine infusions to patients as part of my current outpatient practice.

Ketamine is a safe medication that has been used for decades in adult and pediatric emergency rooms.  It provides fast acting, rapid relief of depressive symptoms that works for many who have not responded to other modalities of treatment.  It is a continuation of my search.  In that search, I will work to find a way to bring hope to those individuals that have felt lost and hopeless.  We are all searching.

Please browse my website for answers to commonly asked questions about ketamine.  Read the literature and research about its use. Learn about our private, comfortable clinic  Call to ask questions or to inquire about receiving ketamine infusion treatment.  Continue your search, as hope can be just around the corner.

-Daniel Barton, M.D.