“Ketamine made me feel better in less than 48 HOURS. After 48 YEARS of trying everything but ECT, I am amazed at its rapid effectiveness. No more waiting 4-6 weeks for antidepressants to work if they do at all. No more waiting to feel like a whole person again. No more waiting and waiting and waiting.

I am listening to music again, I planted a tree today by myself, I visited friends this afternoon and ate Indian food with my favorite young couple tonight. I said no to my niece and didn’t back down out of fear she wouldn’t let me see the kids. My face hurts and I know it’s just my sinuses. I have negative thoughts and realize they are just old patterns I can unlearn or ignore. I have a few positive thoughts and don’t discount them.

When my mood dips a bit, I repeat in my head, “it’s possible” to feel better quickly if needed. Then I go find something to do or read or whatever. I am not immobilized. Ketamine (and YOU) has given me hope for a less depressed future, maybe even a future with no depression.

I can say to myself that it’s possible to have a real relationship with all the trimmings at my age and not shut that thought down completely. I am able to use most of those skills I worked so hard to acquire in therapy.

I am calmer and less anxious but still lively. I feel stronger and more centered. I don’t feel afraid of depression returning because I know it will and I know I can reverse it quickly. I don’t feel powerless.

I haven’t become a brand new person. I still drink Cokes, eat too much sugar, don’t exercise enough and stay up too late. But this experience has been transformative and in only two weeks.

The first treatment was not my favorite but it was the most useful. I see the benefits of it now and am open to more of that kind. Each treatment was different. Adding my favorite music was a big plus as it lowered my anxiety level and made me smile. The last treatment was very relaxing. I was able to go with the flow so to speak. What I found remarkable during the last treatment was the fact that I consciously chose to let go which is a very difficult thing for me to do. And I had to choose to let go multiple times during the treatment.

Your playlist was awesome. At first I was irritated that you had not followed the exact one that I sent you but yours was better…just like your speakers!

Thank you for joining my team. You’re a good egg.”

G.T. - 67 y.o. Female

“I think overall, I’m about 60-65% improved at this time.  And although I knew how bad of shape I was in before initial treatment, It was not until I came to the other side of it, was I then able to recognize the saturating pervasiveness of my depression.  Had I not been “numb” to some aspects, I would haven already ended my life.  So  60% is life-altering.”

T.B. - 31 y.o. Male

“Overall I see a significant change in my daily activities. I am able to laugh more I also am able to get more accomplished I fell and am able to enjoy playing with my daughter more! I feel more talkative with my family members! Things I have not wanted to do or shown interest in I feel I am starting to show interest in again. So overall a big improvement! Sleep is also getting much better still comes and goes!”

F.A. - 33 y.o. Female

“I had a Good and Very positive experience with the first treatment!! I feel I was able to lay some burdens down!! I will work hard to keep them laid down! The only thing I feel as far as side effects was pretty tired for the rest of the day, although I did go about my daily activities and take care of my daughter also went to a Celebrate Recovery meeting this evening. I feel I was able to share a little more in Group tonight and be a little more calm doing it!! So overall a very positive experience!”

A.F - 35 y.o. Female

“Not only do I feel better in general, I am able to feel normal emotions also. One of the downsides to some antidepressants is emotional numbness. I have lived with depression for nearly 50 years and I have never experienced a medication like this one. To be lifted out of the hole in a matter of hours and days is an immeasurable gift.”

T.G. - 55 y.o. Female

“I’m still feeling much better since the shot. My sleep hasn’t been great for the last few days, but I’ve handled it better than I would have prior the ketamine treatment. I’ve felt a little more anxious lately, but I think that may be because I don’t feel so horrible all the time and [‘m still figuring out what to do with myself since this is all still rather new.”

R.M. - 36 y.o. Female

“I had lunch with my Mom after the treatment and the taste of the food was enjoyable.  I talked to a friend on the phone this evening which would normally wear me down but i did not feel that way.  I feel more energy than normal.  Overall i feel significantly better.”

J.B. - 33 y.o. Male