3/16/2012       Magnetic depression treatment ‘gave me my life back’
3/14/2012       See NeuroStar TMS Therapy Featured on The Dr. Oz Show (Part 1 – click here)
3/14/2012       See NeuroStar TMS Therapy Featured on The Dr. Oz Show (Part 2 – click here)
1/24/2012       WDEF News12: Interview with NeuroStar TMS Therapy Provider and Patient
10/13/2011 Health Watch: Magnetic Depression Therapy
10/5/2011 New non-invasive device helps university doctors treat depression
10/3/2011 Fox Memphis – Innovations in Depression Therapy
9/23/2011 – Beverly Hospital offers new treatment for depression
9/13/2011 CBS Atlanta – A magnet that relieves depression symptoms
9/3/2011 The Morning Call Allentown, PA – A depression treatment like rebooting the brain
9/2/2011 TMS Therapy appears in AARP Magazine
8/15/2011 Zapping Chronic Depression
8/2/2011 NBC Bay Area – Zapping Depression With New Procedure
7/26/2011 KFOR 4 Oklahoma City – New depression treatment without side effects
7/23/2011 Mood magnet offers hope to major depression patients
7/14/2011 NBC 3 WRCB – Eye on Health: Treating Depression
7/12/2011 New device helps treat depression
7/12/2011 Magnets Relieve Depression
6/8/2011 Philadelphia Inquirer – Firm develops magnetic-pulse treatment for major depression The Inquirer
5/24/2011 WFAA Dallas/Fort Worth – Magnetic therapy helping some women with depression

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